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"Il Legno che Canta"

The "Il Legno che Canta" project takes its name from the title of the book that Angelo Gilardino dedicated to some of the most prestigious Italian luthiers of the 20th century.

It was born from the desire to tell the cultural and artistic personality of Angelo Gilardino, his passions and his roots to offer his memory a profound sign of affection and gratitude.

The fire of curiosity that always made the soul of the great master from Vercelli burn with intense ardor, made him take an interminable amount of steps in search of knowledge, whether it was about Poetry, Literature, Art and Philosophy or he horizon to explore was Music.

Angelo Gilardino had then been able to transform all the elements of his research into concrete awareness, thus being able to offer each expression of his knowledge deep roots.

The project intends to make known the wide range of cultural interests that have nourished the life of Angelo Gilardino, considered in the world one of the artistic personalities who have contributed most to illuminate the way to build a new technical and interpretative vision in the world of Classical Guitar.

Teacher, Performer and Composer, Editorial Curator, Musicologist, Writer, great lover of poetry and art literature... To draw a portrait that returns the great cultural eclecticism and arartistic by Angelo Gilardino the project will consist of exhibitions, concerts, educational seminars, conferences, the screening of the film / documentary made by Marco Tullio Giordana and Manuele Cecconello.

These events are currently being studied and the Association is gathering great collaboration from many friends and artists who in various ways have had the opportunity to meet the great master Angelo Gilardino.


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Various exhibitions are currently being studied and built which will offer exhibition itineraries designed to accurately and in great detail tell some of the interests that have accompanied the entire life of Maestro Angelo Gilardino.

"Il Legno che canta" is the title that identifies the entire project but it will also be the title of a lutherie exhibition dedicated to guitars of some of the most important luthiers of the 19th century and of the luthiers of the 20th century to whom the book that Gilardino wanted to dedicate to their art is dedicated.

Angelo Gilardino's passion for pictorial art will be told through two exhibitions; one will be made up of the pictorial works and sculptures of his friend Gastone Cecconello and photographs of his son Manuele, and the second will instead be dedicated to the Vercelli painters of the 1900s whose works Angelo loved to collect.

A further exhibition will then be dedicated to the publishing industry that has engaged ANGELO GILARDINO for most of his existence as curator and reviewer for the Bèrben publishing house of the collection that has contributed most to developing the guitarists' repertoire of the '900. 

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The film



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The "Il Legno che Canta" project is preparing a series of conferences that will offer arguments, reflections and memories on the life and work of Maestro Angelo Gilardino.

They will be held by people of a very high cultural profile who have in various ways crossed their life with that of the Vercelli master. 


The journalist Enrico Demaria, the philosopher Sergio Givone, the linguist Sergio Maria Gilardino (brother of Angelo), and again Gianni Nuti and Kevin Swierkosz-Lenart, will shed light on various aspects, from the simplest (childhood anecdotes and the daily relationship with the city and the territory) to the deeper ones (the inspiration and research at the basis of artistic expression) of the life of master Angelo Gilardino.


The project also envisages dedicating a series of meetings, seminars and master classes to the students of the musical institutes which will be held by the concert artists who will perform in the review promoted by the Association.

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The project will be accompanied by an important concert series entrusted to the talent of some of the most successful Italian concert players.


All of them had the good fortune to know Maestro Angelo Gilardino; for some he has represented a fundamental teacher in their artistic career and they have had the privilege of extending the didactic and professional relationship to a relationship of deep esteem and friendship.

All of them have masterfully performed compositions by the master of which they were often the direct dedicatees, of which they have given the absolute "premiere" and recorded interpretations of great quality.

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