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The "Angelo Musical Cultural Association Gilardino" was established at the end of January 2023, by will of a group of people to whose lives the Vercelli master offered an unforgettable cultural, professional and human contribution.
Luigi Biscaldi, Alberto Bocchino, Enrico Demaria, Marco de Santi, Antonello Ghidoni, Laura Mancini and Luigi 
Ranghino, thus intended to create an organism that, through its activity, is able to keep the memory of Maestro Angelo alive and strong.Gilardino, of his Art, his Knowledge, his Passions...
The Association will organize concerts, art exhibitions, seminars, conferences; will collect testimonies, support and promote studies and research dedicated to the work and life of the Master.
The Association is based in Vercelli, the city where Angelo 
Gilardino was born and where, after spending his entire childhood and early adolescent years in Asigliano, he moved at the age of 16 to live the rest of his life.



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