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Curriculum vitae


Alessandro Gilardino Nicodemi (Ivrea, 15.09.1974) is a painter who has been engaged for many years in a revival of the Piedmontese painting tradition in the light of his personal sensitivity.


The adopted son of the famous guitarist and composer Angelo Gilardino, he cultivates his humanistic education alongside the musician, exploring literature, music and the figurative arts in multiple dimensions.

Starting in 2004, he studied with Maestro Gastone Cecconello from Vercelli, and soon came to exhibit his works in personal exhibitions including Palazzo della Pretura in Castell’Arquato in 2011, Castello del Ricetto in Villata in 2012, Sala d’Arte Comunale in Aosta in 2013 and Salone Dugentesco in Vercelli in 2016.


In 2017, he was awarded the Umberto Ravello prize as ‘true talent of art’ by the Vercelli Folk Memorial.

Among his collectors are prominent figures on the Italian cultural scene, including film director Marco Tullio Giordana and the mayor of Aosta Gianni Nuti. 

His works favour an intimate and transfigured reading of the Piedmontese landscape, a place for reflection and dialogue between the artist and a reality that becomes elusive and destined to be captured in an inexhaustible play of evocations and references. 

Alessandro Gilardino Nicodemi, adopted son of Angelo Gilardino, has demonstrated an artistic talent that he is increasingly enhancing and refining in the pursuit of a strong and defined pictorial personality.

More recently, Alessandro’s works have matured an intense and profound chromatic aptitude, at times strong and dramatic, nourished by the desire that leads him to explore new visual sensations and to explore new emotional horizons.

A personal exhibition dedicated to the works of Alessandro Gilardino Nicodemi will be held at the Municipality of Asigliano as part of the exhibition "Il Legno che Canta", the cultural season of events that the Angelo Gilardino Association will organize starting from October 2023 until June 2024 dedicated to Angelo Gilardino memory.

Visitors will be able to recognise significant traces in those paintings that reveal the presence and affectionate and attentive guidance that Angelo Gilardino bestowed on his son Alessandro.

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Alessandro Gilardino Nicodemi
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