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“My brother Angelo

Sergio Maria Gilardino
Vercelli - foto andrea cherchi
Angelo Gilardino e il gatto

Graduated in Germanic languages and literature at the Luigi Bocconi University, he obtained a doctorate in Romance languages and literature at Harvard.

He followed language courses in Paris, Cambridge and Heidelberg. He has taught Italian and Comparative Literature at McGill University, Montreal, throughout his academic career.


He is the author of books and articles on bilingualism. He directed the works for the compilation of minority language dictionaries (Walserdeutsch, Occitan, Piedmontese).

He has directed numerous international conferences on minority languages. He is president of the jury of several literary competitions in Piedmont.


In addition to regional languages, it promotes understanding, dialogue and peace between peoples. He lives in the Morantone monastery near San Benigno Canavese.

Sergio Maria Gilardino generously and enthusiastically accepted the association's request to remenber some particular moments in his brother's life; memories full of tenderness, affection and esteem, which draw the great qualities and human sensitivity of Angelo Gilardino, sometimes evoked with the caress of a smile.


For these "gifts" we are very grateful to him.

Mappa California
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Fotografia di Andrea Cherchi


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