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1885 . 1979

Soleros 1954 . Former Mario Gangi


YEAR:  1954

SOUNDBOARD:  Italian Spruce

BACK and SIDES:  Indian Rosewood 

FORK:  650 mm

VARNISH: Shellac

This guitar is one of the instruments that best represents the high production quality of Pietro Gallinotti who built it at the request of Mario Gangi; Gangi he was at the time one of the most important Italian guitarists and used this instrument for most of his career.

Thanks to Gangi, whose activity included frequent appearances in RAI television programs, and frequent participation in radio programs, the Classical Guitar has had the opportunity to be known and appreciated even by a less "learned" and passionate audience, given the popularity that thanks to its talent was able to build the famous Roman guitarist.

Gallinotti Pietro 1954 tuning machine copia.jpg
Scheda Gallinotti 54.jpg

Soleros 1966

YEAR: 1966

SOUNDBOARD:  Italian Spruce

BACK & SIDES:  Mahogany

FORK:  650 mm

VARNISH:  Shellac

This guitar was built by Pietro Gallinotti in his full maturity, at the age of 81. 

The great luthier who was lucky enough to live for another 13 years expresses in this instrument all the value of hishis experience and his passion for cabinetmaking.

It is in fact a guitar of great aesthetic character with a choice of top quality materials; Gallinotti is once again inspired by the Spanish building tradition of the first half of the 1900s. This beautiful instrument is characterized by a particularly happy sound rendering and a very valuable timbre balance.

Gallinotti viso.jpg
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