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Umbero Ravello
Umberto Ravello. "The Arch in the Dark"
Umberto Ravello
Umberto Ravello

The walls of the flat on Via Prestinari are increasingly embellished with selected works by Fernando Rossaro, Cesare Libano, Umberto Ravello, and other artists from the city.
To Umberto Ravello, Angelo Gilardino is dedicating a book entitled 'L'Arco nel Buio' (The Arch in the Darkness), inspired by one of the master's masterpieces. The atmosphere of the painting induces reflections of deep interiority, it has the flavour of a farewell, and Angelo Gilardino is particularly fond of it, finding in the strokes of those brushstrokes similar colouring and vision that characterise the notes of some of his pieces.


Umberto Ravello
Umberto Ravello
Quadro di Enzo Gazzone della collezione Angelo Gilardino
Enzo Gazzone 

Angelo Gilardino began his passion for art in general and painting in particular at a very early age. The years of his youth were accompanied by his friendship with Gastone Cecconello, with whom he shared much of his free time and discussed themes that would later find expression in the notes of his compositions.
The friendship with Gastone would continue throughout Angelo Gilardino's life. For years, he would punctually visit the painter's studio to admire his works and choose which ones to make his own to include in his personal collection.

Over the years, his passion for painting prompted Angelo Gilardino to embark on a path of study and research that led him to build up a remarkable collection of works by 20th century artists of national and international renown.

From this collection, the master decided to take his leave to concentrate on the works of painters from his homeland, Vercelli; these are artists, mostly dedicated to portraying the landscapes of the Vercelli area, dominated by the cultivation of rice, in whose pictorial traits Gilardino recognised that bond, that root that in the latter part of his life began to make its voice intensely heard.


Ravello libro scritto da Angelo Gilardino

Angelo Gilardino's remarkable collection of the most refined and gifted painters from Vercelli is now owned by Alessandro Gilardino, Angelo's adopted son, who is also an art enthusiast and talented painter.

In addition to a number of extraordinary works by Umberto Ravello, Fernando Rossaro and Cesare Libano, as already mentioned, the collection includes numerous selected works by Francesco Bosso, Cesare Cerallo, Enzo Gazzone, Francesco Rinone. Edoardo Rosso, Fiorenzo Rosso and Francesco Vertice. They tell of the colours, shadows and soul of the territories dear to Angelo Gilardino, evoking memories and deep emotions.

Fotografia di Andrea Cherchi


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