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"The friend

Gastone Cecconello.jpg
Angelo Gilardino con Gastone Cecconello.jpg

…practically every evening you would join me in the studio in via Gallardi in Vercelli where I painted.


You entered that attic quickly and, without making too many compliments, you took the guitar out of its case and started playing.

Until late, usually.


I listened and painted, painted and listened.


Sometimes we took a break and used it to exchange the rudiments and secrets of our arts.


That such a line, that color, that chord, that nuance… For me it was a bit like university. And it was often dawn, wrapped in the essence of turpentine and scores crammed with notes.


There are still old paintings that remind me of the music you played while I was painting them.


You have not been a friend, you have been "the friend".

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