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April 26. May 31, 2024

May 3. June 30, 2024

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The cultural Rassegna "Il Legno che Canta" will propose two important exhibitions between the end of April and the end of June 2024 to tell the story of Angelo Gilardino's passion for Italian Guitar makers and for the pictorial work of the Vercelli masters of the twentieth century.
The two exhibitions will be hosted by two of the most prestigious museums in Vercelli, the Leone Museo, and the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo. The first will host the personal collection of guitars of Angelo Gilardino, and the second a part of the collection of paintings belonging to the artist made by Umberto Ravello, Edgardo Rossaro and Enzo Gazzone.

From 26 April to 31 May it will be possible to admire in the "Sala delle Cinquecentine" of the Museo Leone, in addition to the specimens from the "Angelo Gilardino Fund", a rich series of guitars made by the Italian luthiers of the 20th century whose Gilardino dedicated his book which gives its name to the exhibition (and to the entire "Rassegna" dedicated to him) "Il Legno che Canta".
On May 3, an art exhibition dedicated to three of the masters of twentieth-century Vercelli painting will be inaugurated at the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo: Umberto Ravello (to whom Angelo Gilardino dedicated a book which takes its title from one of his paintings "The Arch in the Dark", Edgardo Rossaro and Enzo Gazzone. Together with the paintings from Gilardino's collection, works by the three painters will be exhibited thanks to the collaboration generously offered by the heirs of the Rossaro family and by Mrs. Carla, daughter of Enzo Gazzone, to whom the Association offers a deep and heartfelt thanks. 
We extend an equally heartfelt gratitude to the presidents and curators of the both Museums who contributed with great availability to the realization of these events.
The details and information on how to visit the two exhibitions will soon be published on the website.
Visits will still be possible during the usual opening hours of each Museum.

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The Museo Leone, opened in Vercelli in 1910 in the sixteenth-century Casa Alciati and the baroque Palazzo Langosco, houses a heterogeneous and eclectic collection: prehistoric weapons, objects from Egyptian tombs, Etruscan vases, medieval mosaics, porcelain, silver and paintings from the modern era.



Via Giuseppe Verdi, 30, 13100 Vercelli 

Telephone: +39 0161 253204

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The "Museo del Tesoro del Duomo" is a museum in Vercelli that preserves an important collection of objects and reliquaries that testify to the thousand-year history of the church of Vercelli. The Museum is located in the Archbishop's Palace adjacent to the Cathedral, in Piazza Alessandro D'Angennes, in the historic center of the city.


Piazza Alessandro d'Angennes, 5, 13100 Vercelli 


Telephone: +39 0161 51650

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