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Cambiano 1860. Turin 1938

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"Sacra Famiglia" - Olio su tela 253 x 395 cm

Ninth of the eleven children of Guglielmo Grosso and Giovanna Vidotti, Giacomo was born in Cambiano on 23 May 1860. After spending his childhood in the seminary of Giaveno, he began his studies at the Accademia Albertina in Turin in 1873, thanks to a grant of studio assigned to him by the Municipality of Cambiano. A pupil of Andrea Gastaldi, he made his debut in 1882 at the 24th Exhibition of the Society and Encouragement of Fine Arts in Turin, completing his studies the following year. After coming into contact with the Parisian art scene, thanks to numerous stays in the French capital, he continued to exhibit very assiduously.

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He participated in the "Promoters of Turin", in numerous editions of the "Venice Biennale" which dedicated a personal exhibition to him in 1912, and in numerous other international exhibitions: in Paris in 1896, in Munich in 1899, and in San Francisco in 1915, where he garnered great admiration as a portraitist.

From 1901, the year in which he made his first trip to South America, he began to receive commissions from Argentina and in 1910, the year which coincided with the celebration of the Argentine Centenary of Buenos Aires, he executed a large commemorative work, entitled "View of the Battle of Maipù."

It was a large celebratory panorama for which more than 150 square meters of canvas were used, which unfortunately was destroyed in a fire in 1923. In 1880 Giacomo Grosso became the holder of the chair of drawing and figure at the Albertina Academy, while in 1906 he became professor of painting. A personal exhibition of his held in Milan in 1926, with the display of over 50 works, was curated by Leonardo Bistolfi.

In 1929 he was appointed senator of the Kingdom of Italy. He died in Turin on 14 January 1938 where he is buried in the Monumental Cemetery.

This painting, exhibited at the first edition of the Turin Quadrennial in 1902, and at the Paris Salon in 1903, is one of the masterpieces of the great master of Piedmontese painting Giacomo Grosso, who signed the work in the lower right corner of the canvas.

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The project will be accompanied by an important concert series entrusted to the talent of some of the most successful Italian concert players.


All of them had the good fortune to know Maestro Angelo Gilardino; for some he has represented a fundamental teacher in their artistic career and they have had the privilege of extending the didactic and professional relationship to a relationship of deep esteem and friendship.

All of them have masterfully performed compositions by the master of which they were often the direct dedicatees, of which they have given the absolute "premiere" and recorded interpretations of great quality.

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