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Busto Arzizio 1854. Milan 1929

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"In Chiesa" - Olio su tela 150 x 200 cm

Born in Busto Arsizio on 13 December 1854, he moved with his family to Milan while still a child. Already at the age of 17 he began working in the technical office created for the arrangement of the Piazza del Duomo, attending the school for land surveyors and following some perspective lessons held by Luigi Bisi at the Brera Academy. In 1874, having decided to dedicate himself solely to painting, he enrolled in Brera and became a disciple of Francesco Hayez, now more than eighty-year-old. During his life Enrico used to be friend with various "Scapigliatura" artists.

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Following the success he received during a short stay in Paris, a long article of praise was dedicated to him in the magazine "Natura e Arte". Enrico Crespi, in addition to painting, passionately tried his hand at producing engravings and etchings. A series of his works is preserved within the "Civiche Raccolte d'Arte" of Palazzo Marliani-Cicogna in Busto Arsizio. He died in Milan on 7 March 1929.

The painting proposed at this exhibition was personally chosen by Crespi to take part in the prestigious "Brera Triennial".

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Francesco Hayez



The project will be accompanied by an important concert series entrusted to the talent of some of the most successful Italian concert players.


All of them had the good fortune to know Maestro Angelo Gilardino; for some he has represented a fundamental teacher in their artistic career and they have had the privilege of extending the didactic and professional relationship to a relationship of deep esteem and friendship.

All of them have masterfully performed compositions by the master of which they were often the direct dedicatees, of which they have given the absolute "premiere" and recorded interpretations of great quality.

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