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Bio Boccosi

The affirmation of the accordion in Italy owes much to the passion and efforts of Maestro Bio Boccosi.
Born in Ancona in 1912 from a family of good economic conditions, Boccosi soon shows an interest in music that he shares with the fratello Berto, composer of lyric and instrumental works, teacher and then director of the "Pergolesi" Musical Institute in Ancona.
He attended the Commercial Technical Institute of Ancona, and then worked for the Banca dell'Agricoltura and music represents a passion that he continues to cultivate by writing musical operettas and playing popular songs on the piano, accompanying singers.

In 1946, in fact, at the birth of Farfisa, sorthe merger of three prestigious accordion companies, F.lli Scandalli, Settimio Soprani and Frontalini of Numana, Maestro Boccosi assumes the role of artistic manager of this new industrial reality, managing to highlight his professional skills and organizational qualities.

Barcarola di Bio Boccosi

Among the numerous publications, the music for accordion and subsequently for guitar was widely disseminated; later the publishing activity also expanded to include compositions and didactic works for piano, electronic organ, flute and other musical instruments.

In recent years, Maestro Boccosi, as well as maintaining contact with music teachers, in particular with members of the CDMI, participates as a consultant in the organization of competitions held throughout Italy and takes care of the monthly publication of Instruments and Music . The magazine, which in its best moments had reached a circulation of five thousand copies, ceased publication in December 2003, after having been a faithful companion of many musicians for fifty-five uninterrupted years of activity and a point of reference for many masters.

Bio Boccosi died in Ancona on 28 June 2006, at the age of 94.

Edizioni Farfisa

Again for the company, in the company of M° Gervasio Marcosignori, he began to meet accordion teachers and to found music schools throughout Italy, managing to unite them in the Farfisa Italian Music Educational Center.

Boccosi thus brings together more than two hundred active schools and thousands of students. His figure emerges more when in 19556 he takes over Edizioni Musicali Farfisa, making it his own business and becoming one of the main music publishers.

Since then there has been a succession of particular and qualified publications, ranging from those of Malocchi, Fugazza, Ferrari Trecate, Fancelli, Alfano, Liviabella up to the more recent ones of Piazzolla. In 1960 he was awarded the World Accordion Oscar in Pavia for his merits as a composer, editor and organizer, qualities recognized worldwide. 

Authoritative exponent of the international accordion movement, Boccosi held the position of secretary general of the Confederation Mondial Accordeon (CMA), organizing various events, including the 10th World Trophy in Castelfidardo in 1981: in this circumstance the city conferred him honorary citizenship "for the high merits acquired in the promotion and dissemination of the accordion in the world, achieved in long years of intense and meritorious artistic and journalistic activity".

In 1965 the Bèrben musical editions was born, born from the merger between the Berben publishing house of Modena, founded in 1946 by Benedetto Berlini,  and Edizioni Musicali Farfisa, with Bio Boccosi president and his son Fabio vice president. 

Edizioni Farfisa
Edizioni Farfisa

In just a few years Farfisa reaches its maximum productive and commercial expansion thanks to Bio which studies new forms of advertising by promoting numerous initiatives.On 27 and 28 September 1947 the first national competition for accordionists took place in Ancona, the absolute winner of which was the young Gervasio Marcosignori and Boccosi performed the task of secretary of the organizing committee; in April 1948 the first number of "Fisarmonica" was published (which will then take the title of "Instruments and Music"), the illustrated periodical linking amateur and professional accordionists and the Farfisa company: a few months later, Maestro Boccosi will become its chief editor. 


Fotografia di Andrea Cherchi


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